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Agile – Where my Head’s At

Jeremy Deller’s Acid Brass Mind Map   Thanks to Karl Scotland, Agile Methods have been a part of my working practice since the turn of the century.  Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Refactoring and Collaboration with the Customer are fundamental to … Continue reading

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Bjarte Bogsnes Beyond Budgeting Breakfast Briefing – Key Ingredients

Last week I was lucky enough to take part in Bjarte Bogsnes ‘Beyond Budgeting’ Breakfast Briefing organised by Ivar Jacobson International and Rally Software. A lot of the ground covered in the talk can be found in these articles which … Continue reading

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Lean/Kanban – The Perils of Partial Adoption

Following a conversation on Twitter with Al Shalloway I thought I’d post this reflection on the perils of partial adoption when introducing Lean and Kanban into an organisation. In his book “Systems Thinking in the Public Sector” John Seddon talks … Continue reading

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BDDX 2012 Take Aways

This year’s Agile Testing and Behaviour Driven Development Exchange, BDDX, took place last Friday, 23rd November. It was full of great insight and I wanted to record my take aways from the event. A central theme of the day was … Continue reading

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Taking it on the chin

This time last year I went over the handlebars of my bike and had to get my chin stitched up by the wonderful doctors at Kings College Hospital. They did a great job and as well as the stitches provided … Continue reading

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