Impact Mapping with MindMup

I’m a big fan of using Impact Mapping to set software development off on the right foot.  It does this by ensuring you are working towards a measurable goal; thinking upfront about who is going to help you achieve that goal and how they are going to do this.  It helps you do this before you get into what it is you are going to build so giving you a better chance of actually building something useful.

Whilst the Whiteboard remains my preferred place to do impact mapping, at Base79 we’ve recently been playing around with using MindMup for this too.

Here’s one we made earlier:

Impact Map

We’ve separated the Measure of the Goal into a node of its own.

We use different colours to call out the Goal, the Measure of success in achieving the goal, the Actors, the Impacts and the Deliverables.

You can you can use keys 1,2,3 to select a whole level and then set its colour.

I think a nice addition to MindMup would be if it could default to a given colour depending on where you are in the hierarchy of the map.

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