Telephone Game Fail

Here at Base79 we do a weekly Technology show-and-tell for the dev team where one member of the team talks about a technology, practice or method they are using.

This week I did a session on Specification by Example, talking about how we use it across our various workstreams.

To make the session a bit more interactive I thought I’d do a paper version of the telephone game, or Chinese Whispers as we call it in the UK.

In this version, we start with a written phrase which is then translated into a picture, then back into writing, then back into a picture and so on until the final written phrase emerges at the end of the chain.

This was supposed to illustrate how information gets lost or distorted with each translation, as it does when a Requirements Document is translated into a Functional Specification and User Acceptance Tests and into the Code itself.

The exercise didn’t quite pan out as I expected.  Either I chose a phrase which was too resilient to translation or our dev team are completely attuned to each other and excellent communicators because this is the result we got:

Tour De France - Telephone Game

Tour De France – Telephone Game

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